Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Not just my size

My female friends have told me of their woes in trying to find well-fitting clothes, but today I had my own problems. I'm not starting a who's-worse-off war -- I'll just concede it to the ladies -- but I want to make sure no one thinks we guys can just walk in to the Bon, match inseam and waist, and be right on the money.

I did laundry today, and in doing so, found a few holes that didn't belong in one of my favorite khaki shorts. So, off to Mervyn's to buy a new pair. It's well past season, though, so all they had were leftovers (but at what a great price!). Only, the problem is, even though the "size" (waist) matched me, the shorts were clearly intended for someone of drastically different proportions. Either someone with very much larger legs, or someone with a lot more knee-hip distance. So, 6 pairs tried on later, I'm still without a replacement. *sigh*

I guess I need to start hoping for cooler temperatures around here. So I can start wearing long pants. I have plenty of those still.

I should also point out, in this I-wish-I-had-standard-dimensions-too entry, that even T-shirts don't often fit. I need a size L or M T-shirt to match my height, but my sholders just don't quite fill out a size M. Dress shirts are a bit better, because they have more numbers (and hence come in better combinations of those numbers). But, one day, I'm going to get a hand-tailored shirt fit just to me. And it's going to be great. 8)
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