Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Holiday wrap-up

Let's see if I can succinctly wrap up my past two weeks:

  • I sent Christmas cards out to more than one person; a first for me.
  • Last minute Christmas shopping in Seattle; definitely not a first for me.
  • My parents are learning that my new sleep schedule leaves me in bed until 7:30 or 8:00am, even when in Seattle.
  • Christmas at home and at grandparents was fun.
  • Extended family Christmas was postponed because a cousin contracted scarlet fever and we didn't want to expose so many people.
  • At the stroke of midnight at the beginning of the new year, we rang bells, blew whistles, and struck gongs to bring in the new year and ward off evil. Let's see if it'll work.
  • Neighbors just down from us bought lots of fireworks, so we enjoyed a "private showing" from our vantage point.
  • I was inexplicability antsy to get home to Mountain View after the new year. I also ways fighting off a slight illness, too, which didn't help lower my anxiety level.
  • My apartment and office at work were exactly as I left them. No phone messages at home. "Who would have called?"

I guess that's it. Happy new year!
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