Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

First bill of 2003

Pacific Gas and Electric are the happy recipients of the first check I'll cut in 2003. I wonder if I'll write 2002 or 2003 on the check...

Included in the bill is a note of proposed rate increase. "PG&E requests an increase of $703 million for gas and electric service." Well, they're certaintly not going to get all of it from me.

[Corey reads the little paper more carefully.]

Okay, so, they want $703M more. They'll do that by increases revenues for both electricity and gas, but raising only gas rates. How, exactly, one raises revenues without raising rates is a bit of a mystery to me. I guess, if the subscriber base increased, then gross revenues would increase without a rate increase. I wonder why PG&E needs to petition to increase its revenues. Do the Powers that Be regulate even how much revenue they can collect, not just per-unit rates?

In any event, I'll just pay whatever's on my bill. The past month, my electricity usage was up about 5% from November. I'll hypothesize the increase is in running my Christmas lights. 8) I burned more gas, too, but not as much as I thought. The "baseline" they quote is, like, 26 therms, I used only 3.

Okay, I'm sure everyone wanted a play-by-play of me paying my power bill. And, now, you have it.
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