Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson


This evening I'm doing chores: cleaning dishes, washing clothes, vacuuming the apaprtment. I should then be "reset" for another couple of weeks.

At work I coded on my more fun of two projects. Made some good headway. I ran the model I built and it predicted something pecular. The world is more complex than naive Bayes would like to believe. But I knew that. Here's to hoping I can trick it enough to get some good results. I think I can.

I woke up an hour earlier this morning and felt less tired subsequently. Maybe my too-much-sleep hypothesis is correct. I didn't sleep well last night, either. I woke up a couple of times, mostly because of my jet-engine-loud furnace (almost makes we wish for baseboard heat. almost). At 1:18am I heard strange clicking noises outside, exactly like the noises the aliens made in "Signs". I looked outside to identify the source but could only guess it was coming from some trees near the road. A dog was barking, too, presumably at the noise. I crawled back in bed and had visions of creepy aliens standing at the doorway to my room. Best to close my eyes. [I should also mention that the noise is indistinguishable from that which squirrel claws make as the fury critters chase each other through the local trees. It's a creepy sound nonetheless.]

Tomorrow, I will perhaps put some time in my less-fun of two projects. It's all "work", so I suppose it doesn't matter much which I do from that standpoint. And I'm all for maximizing fun. But, if I neglect #2, one of my managers or someone may say "no more #1 until you work on #2."
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