Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson


Today, I decided I needed to put attention into things other than my very favorite project. My cubemate thought that that was mature, but then made several sympathetic gestures that I can only imagine are derogatory where he comes from (Australia).

So, I replied to e-mail for about 5 hours. I'm on the PC of a conference and we were discussing the not-clearly-accept and not-clearly-reject papers. I reviewed 7 total and 6 fall into this grey area. I wonder if that's an unusal percentage. I wasn't the lone discrepant vote in more than one or two, I think. I also wrote my self-assessment for the company's annual review process. Never mind I've been there for only 4 months. Bonus and promotion are tied to review, so I felt obliged to say something.

The group manager dropped by to see how I was doing. That's cool. He drew me away from my desk for the "meeting." That's usually scary. We found an empty office and he closed the door behind us as we entered. No, I'm not fired, or anything like that. But, I may be "retasked" for a short while (several weeks) to staff up some higher-priority project than what I'm working on now. So, my very-favorite-project may need to be tabled for a couple of weeks. No big deal. I think it's a good plan by the company, in fact. Much better to have a few projects come to fruition every month or so, than have nothing for an entire year as everyone labors on their own. Plus, in a twisted way, I may be happier to work on a project with more, short-term deadlines than I currently have. I mean, I don't mind working 40 hours per week and then going home! But, having an impetus to work 60 hours, let's say, will then let me feel good about blowing off an afternoon or something for my own leisure. Sort of bizarre, but I think it'll be good.

This evening, I'll either tackle how to burn DVDs under linux, or I'll work on some code to make my thesis work run again. I think I can squeeze out a journal article without too much more work, but only if I can get my experiments to run. I found the bug that had stopped me two months ago, so I'm more hopeful now.
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