Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

The little things

Here are some little details, little annoyances, little observations from today (Friday).

  • There's a place in Palo Alto called "The House of Foam". I find this very amusing.
  • I used the bathroom at a Starbucks and the guy there before me didn't understand how the key was supposed to work. He apparently went in but left the key outside. I didn't interrupt anything messy, but it startled me to find someone already in the room.
  • I dreamt last night that I was wearing someone else's glasses, but they still seemed to work just fine for me. In the dream I didn't realize it was actually a dream, so I internalized this bit of angst and carried it with me through mid-day. It wasn't until lunchtime that I looked at my glasses, recalled the dream, realized it was a dream, and cleared the angst. Weird.
  • I found out that a friend of mine makes a boatload of money. Oi.
  • I have 20+ hours of MP3 music at work. Counting only the time at my desk not writing prose (when listening to music+lyrics is too distracting), I have about enough music to last an entire week without repeats. I wish the local radio stations would do something similar. (Or, at least play something novel in the morning rather than the same 4 songs each day.)
  • Few engineers at work give others credit for doing a thorough job thinking. Perhaps it's engineers in general, or geeks; I've seen this phenomenon elsewhere. Basically, the scene goes: person A (non-engineer) presents problem X and solutions Y and Z. An engineer says "have you thought about W?" Invariably, person A has. Moreover, no matter how much work person A has done on problem X, and no matter who else has worked on problem X, one or more engineers feel obligated to suggest some way to solve the problem. In some ways this is the ever-helpful engineer. But, when A presentation is "A and 2 solutions we're working on", offering other solutions can be mildly insulting. Ie, it sounds like the engineer is saying "You haven't tried hard enough; W, for instance, is something you haven't considered but should."
  • I'm really sleepy.
  • I don't like driving in the dark. It's too hard to see cars merging into my lane on the street from the freeway off-ramps. It's also too hard to see people.
  • I am proud of myself for driving to Palo Alto, parking near University Ave, dining and post-dinner coffee-ing, and then driving home. All like a real person.
  • I think it may be about bed time.
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