Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson


So, today found me renting a pickup truck. Let me start at the beginning...

A friend from work had purchased a pinball machine a few months ago and was planning to bring it in to the office for everyone to enjoy. He decided (yesterday) that today would be the day, and fetched me around 3pm (I'd volunteered some lifting power). The plan: a co-worker has an old Checker car (from the 1960s) and thinks we can fit the machine in the back. Back in the 60s, the backs of autos were really big. When we saw the inside of the car, it really did look like it might fit.

So we all drive to my friend's apartment and bring the machine down to the front. I'll spare the details of disassembly, the frowning landlady, the details of my friend's apartment, etc. The important point was when we placed the machine next to the car: there was no way to get the machine into the car short of slicing it in two. No dice.

Fortunately, I knew of two rental agencies down the road, and my friend drove me and another co-worker (different one -- there were 5 of us on the mission all told) to the Enterprise office. $70/day quoted. "We only need it for an hour" we state. $50/day, new price. Hm, that's expensive I say. $40/day. My friend begins to give in. "We'll check with the Hengehold folks down the road" I say to the Enterprise rep, "We'll get back to you." $40 seems like a lot for a truck to me.

San Antonio is a divided road and we're on the downstream side of Henghold. My friend and the co-worker set about driving there; I just jog the 150 yards to their office. $35/day. Okay, good for me. I set about renting the truck while the others head back to the apartment to wait my arrival. Some paperwork, a swipe of my credit card, and I have a truck. Ford Ranger, white, with a big Henghold emblem on each of the two doors. No anonymity here.

I drive to the apartment, folks are standing around waiting. We lift it into the back, no problem. Secure with some bits (not lengths -- bits) of rope to minimize sliding, and we're off. I take corners slowly, but still end up passing the group's lead car on the way in. Finally to the office, unload without incident. Installed in the gym and it's up and running. Yay!

So, we now have a pinball machine at work, and I rented and drove a pickup truck today. For someone who didn't drive at all before last July, I'd say I've been doing some exciting automobiling in the last week or so.
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