Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Today's cycle ride

I rode the full length of VTA's Green Line light rail. It's nothing too much to be proud of -- it's only about 12 miles long, and that includes wending through some neighborhoods. My route: my place along Middlefield to Ellis; Ellis to Moffett South Gate; spill in intersection at South Gate; Moffett Park to Lawrence; to Tasman; Tasman to I-880; and, roughly, back.

I spilled my bike near Moffett Field South Gate because the light rail rails make narrow groove in the road roughly in parallel with the direction I was biking. My front tire dropped in one, turned oddly (wrt my then-current vector of travel), and dumped. I managed to sort of hop off the bike before it went down, so I never hit the ground. And, I collected my bike and light from the road before it turned green for the oncoming traffic. The bike chain popped off but it was easy to put it back on (just messy).

The highlight was the return trip. I discovered some off-road paved bike lanes that run for a few miles parallel to Hwy 237. Between them and Moffett Blvd / Drive, one could bike from my place to roughly the end of the Light Rail line without being on anything that looks like a busy road. Neat.

I left around 11:20 once the sun burned away the morning's overcast clouds. I didn't lotion up, though, because, well, it's only 60F! I got a bit of sun color (I was out for about 2 hours), but nothing bad. Heck, I'm actually a bit happy to almost get a sun burn in the middle of winter. 8) All told, I pedalled 25 miles. The first 18 were pretty easy, but the last 7 were a lot more difficult. The grade was almost always level, with a few minor ups and downs to deal with interstates and such.
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