Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Today in Corey's world

  • With the help of a Web forum I now can print to my HP5550W just fine. Well, mostly fine -- it truncates the top 3/8" of the output. Hopefully, that'll just be a minor tweak somewhere. The fix I needed to get this far was All New Software. A bit of a hassle but not too hard: to upgrade package X, search for X on google, download, configure; make; make install, and repeat for next package.
  • My manager dropped by today and said I could go back to doing my Favorate Project while he and some others are busy with a new project (instead of the one that we all were supposed to be working on together). Suits me fine.
  • My apartment is near a peak cleanliness level. I should stay at someone else's place so I don't dirty anything before company arrives. Heh.
  • I need to wake up extra early tomorrow so I don't show up late for my first job review. Heh, yi. No sweat. Time for bed...
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