Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Little black backpack

More apartment cleaning. I need more possessions -- when everything is cleaned and put away, my apartment almost looks like a hotel (ie, completely devoid of evidence of occupation). I even cleared off my computer table so one can see parts of the top. I really like having my keyboard tray beneath the table -- I can pile things up on the table and still be able to type and mouse.

My job review went well. Nothing too surprising. Actually, the manager did a great job of telling me what I had, myself, written in my self-assessment, but in a way that made me think that he had actually reached those conclusions without my input. Good job on his part -- I guess that's why he manages. No word about raises and such, though. Heh.

I need to find a Stroke 9 album. I have the Little Black Backpack song stuck in my head. I have a little 1"x1" square of paper in my wallet that I keep a list of music albums I want. Just in case I wander by someplace that sells them cheaply. I usually can't remember more than one or two OTTOMH (I have about a dozen on my list).

Okay, early to bed and early to rise tomorrow. Gotta get two-thirds of a day's work in before I head out to pick up visitor from the airport. Hm. I wonder where one parks at SJC... Maybe one more task before I go to bed -- look at some maps.
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