Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

New hours

I'm trying a new, night owl approach. 'course, I'm doing it over a two-week period when I need to be up early later in the week. Oh, well. But, my day's about over, and I'm aiming to roll in to work a bit past 11 tomorrow. Or maybe 11:30. Lunch runs until 2:30p so I don't need to worry about missing that. Heh.

Being around late already seems to be paying off. I had a great conversation with a co-worker today. He and I hashed out some details of a project to work on, and we got farther than he'd gotten the last time he'd thought about it. I think the idea's cool and am hoping to work on it when my other project isn't demanding my attention.

Today was a beautiful day -- sunny and clear and almost warm without a fleece vest (had to be standing in the sun). When I cycled home around 12:15am, though, it was chilly. It's now down to 42.4F. The upside to going to work later in the morning is that it's not quite so cold. The downside is that heading home after midnight is colder than at 8pm. C'est la vie.
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