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Little red Swiss army knife

I lost my little pocket knife last Friday. I didn't realize it was gone until someone sent mail to the company saying it was found at at the reception desk. I reclaimed it Friday afternoon.

I lost my little pocket knife again today. I realized it when I checked my pockets on my bike ride home. I headed back to work but didn't find it anywhere I looked. I'm home now and sent mail to the company admitting I'd lost my knife again. I then remembered someplace I hadn't looked, someplace that was actually pretty likely where I'd lost it (the conference room where I was playing Mario Kart). I sent mail to my fellow Karters asking if they'd seen it, hoping they're still at work (I think one of them was on-call this evening). My bike light ran out of mojo on the ride home so I don't want to risk an in-the-dark ride to work and back on a theory. I'll just aim to be in early tomorrow to check the conference room. Before the day's meetings start in it.

My pockets don't feel right if I don't have my little red Swiss army knife.
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