Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Today on the Corey channel

I just called to confirm my airport shuttle for Friday afternoon. Apparently, it'll be just me and the driver in the van. I guess it's not a popular time to head to the airport. I should get there in plenty of time.

The company I work for sent a bunch of us (ie, the first X sending e-mail, for some fairly large X) to Cirque du Soleil in San Jose this afternoon. A neat show with flashy costumes and impressive acrobatics. There's some storyline that I couldn't follow because everyone spoke or sung in French jibberish (it's jibberish and mock-French; my inability to understand French isn't relevant). My first impression was, What the Heck is going on? No one is speaking English! What's with the bird-guy who lost his feathers? And the frog-lady (dragon-lady as everyone else observed, and "icarus" as I found out later)? Who's the guy with the lightbulb on his head? And why was there a magician in the middle of this whole story? Bizarre. But, lots of eye candy.

To be truthful, though, I thought there would be more acrobatics. I mean, there was plenty of impressive stuff, including some buff guy acrobats who really were the stars of the show, IMO. But, I expected more in-the-air acrobatics and such; most of the show was floor-level tumbling. Neat, but not Amazing! neat. Way above what I could do, though, so what can I say. 8)

Hm. I think programming on the Corey Channel will end early this evening, so we can prepare for on-location activities tomorrow, throughout the weekend, and into early next week. The Corey Channel will be off the air until late next week, whilst these on-location activities are occuring. I hope no one will be too disappointed. ;)
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