Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Last entry of February

I've been trying to post one LJ entry per day, max. But, I think of things I want to say all day long, and by the evening have forgotten them. Hrm. Should I post more frequently it little pieces? Dunno. Maybe I should just remember them through the day. It could be a like a memory game! Okay, let's begin...

Dinner at work was leftovers from lunch. Lunch was filet mignon. Which means that dinner -- burritos -- was fabulous. I ate during the first of two games of Puerto Rico. I like working for this company.

I've bought an oscilloscope and logic analyzer (separately) on eBay. The LA arrived Wednesday and the scope today. My cubemate was kind enough to drive me home and back during the day so they're now at my apartment. I've tested the scope and it seems to be happy. It's a Hitachi V-1565. I've not tried the logic analyzer yet but intend to do so tomorrow. I need to find some hapless electronic device to take apart and poke at. Hm, I wonder what it'll be.

Why did I buy these toys? That's a good question. Several years ago I was pretty adept at building electronic hardware and I want to get back into that sort of thing. I want to build cool things, in the physical world (as opposed to ephemeral software), and also I just want to feel like I can still do that sort of thing. I mean, I'm proud of my previous accomplishments, but I'd like to feel I could still pull such a trick off even now. You know?

Breakfast was a toasted bagel at work this morning. Have I mentioned that I like toasted bagels for breakfast? Or that I like to work for this company?

Ooo, I was all set to head out this morning for work, but then I bumped my pant leg with my bike chain and got a big grease spot on my light tan pants. 8( I've now soiled two pants that way. I'm going to buy some spot remover tomorrow and try to save this pair. I'm running out of pants! In the future I'm going to simply never carry my bike with my left arm (which led to this problem), and wear my all-weather overpants more often (which I don't mind if they get grease on them). I think I may also need to go clothes shopping in the near future, too. Anyone with fashion sense want to come with? ;)

Okay, enough for one evening.
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