Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson


My current favorite song is No Doubt's "Running". I particularly like the very electronic sounding accompaniment; it sounds like the C-64 I used to own.

Leftover noodles + sauce weren't as good an I thought they would be. I've now decided that the mushroom white sauce would have been better with the spinach noodles than the tomato sauce I did use. Live and learn.

I'm really tired, but I can't go to sleep yet because I'm hosting a guest for a few days and he doesn't arrive for another 90 minutes. Hrm. Well, I hope he's beat, too, and won't mind if we crash as soon as he arrives. There'll be plenty of time to chat in the future; I mean, he's moving down here.

I won an eBay auction for 1600 resistors. Woo! Slowly, I'm gathering the bits I want. Earlier today I put in an order for these really cool TriColor LEDs. The single package has three LED elements in it that can be controlled separately, which means you can get all sorts of different hues from the LED. Pretty darn neat. I also ordered some UV LEDs for purposes yet to be determined. They just sounded pretty cool. Maybe I'll make a UV flashlight or something. Wacky.
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