Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

And they all lived happily ever after

My house guest checked out this morning. He was staying with me while he looked for an apartment (he's moving down to the Bay Area from Seattle). He found one, about 2 miles away. I haven't seen it yet but it sounds nice. Smaller than mine, but with a second bedroom and air conditioning. He's happy with it, so I'm happy, too.

Tomorrow I'm doing a treasure hunt in San Francisco. More about that tomorrow night.

I've been foiled twice now on eBay while trying to buy a variable voltage power supply. I'd like something that could drive 0-30VDC at 0-3A. Even on expensive and odd items like oscilloscopes and power supplies, people on eBay bid all the way down to the last seconds. It's a prisoner's dilemma, too: if everyone bid rationally (in the mathematical sense of the word), then you just bid whenever and be happy. But if some non-trivial fraction of bidders are not rational (eg, they will bid intermittently and often late in the auction), then you actually have a better chance of winning and item, and for less money, if you, too, wait to the end of the auction. Rrrrr....

At work today, they set a laptop on fire, doused it with water, then smashed it with a sledge hammer. A very effective presentation that was. Don't contact the sysadmins directly -- contact Helpdesk instead.

I successfully bent the City of Mountain View's public works department to do my bidding. They fixed a street light that was out. I'm very pleased with myself.

I bought some fancy-pants LEDs the other day. They arrived yesterday and I tried them out. The white LED is 10,000 mcd. That's bright! Even at half power it was way brighter than most LEDs. Pretty neat. The tri-color LEDs I've already talked about. The others I bought were UV LEDs. They glow blue but also put out UV light. I'm sorta nervous about pointing it at my skin or anything (who wants a dose of skin cancer?) but I don't think it really could do much harm at 10mW of power. Making a black light flashlight would be pretty keen, though. I just need to find a good housing.

Okay, enough for tonight. Fun for the treasure hunt starts at my place at 8:15am tomorrow. I'm navigator, so I need to collect maps and my bearings. And, some sleep, very soon.
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