Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

WeirdStuff warehouse

I just came back from WeirdStuff warehouse (it's about 6 miles from my apartment). Wow, what a place! It's way the heck out on the edge of a commercial neighborhood, likely where the rent is cheaper. When I walked in to the place, it looked to be not too huge -- maybe a 3,000 sqft place, with aisles of tables with old computers and computer bits on them. PCs, SGIs, Suns, you name it. I looked around there for a bit, then noticed that the back wall didn't extend all the way across. I walked over there, and behind the wall, was another 9,000 sqft of warehouse, this time, with 8' racks of stuff! Wow, this place is huge! As far as I'm concerned, all the good stuff is in the back. Pieces of computers, surplus electronics, a row or two of computer racks, the list goes on. They also have an area roped off where they advertise their auction items. Potential buyers can make a sealed bid on any of the lots and the auction takes place Wednesday morning. They had a nice looking HP DesignJet 500, one of the wide-carriage printers, up in the auction. I thought about putting in a bid for $100, but I'm sure someone else will actually place a real bid. It would be neat, though, to pick up a $3,000 printer for $100...

I ended up spending an hour and a half wandering through the place, and I'm sure that there are things that I missed. I did buy some things,: two Kodak slide trays, an analog timer for a darkroom that controls a 120VAC outlet, a spare PS/2 keyboard that I plan to take apart and fiddle with, and some resistor SIPs. $13. Not a bad collection, I think. What a place.
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