Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Miscellany from Sunday night

I had a very spicy burrito this evening. Tasty, but that's what I get by asking the guy behind the counter to "just pick one of the salsas that you think would be good." Heh. But it was fun.

I'm paying my bills presently. It looks like AT&T (now Comcast) cable in Mountain View is going to pick up Home and Garden TV for plain ol' Expanded Basic cable. Neat!

I did laundry this evening so I can wear clean clothes to work. Everyone will be happier this way. I didn't make cookies as I'd hoped, though. I guess that'll be for tomorrow evening.

I was writing in my notebook with a roller ball pen and set it down. I did something else, then began typing on my keyboard. I felt something wet so I naturally wiped it on my jeans. Big mistake. My black pen had leaked and my fingers, keyboard, and now jeans, were covered in ink. D'oh! Good thing I'd bought stain removed last week and hadn't yet done today's laundry. All the ink (except for some left on my fingers) has been removed and placed in the waste basket.

I'm so sleepy. I think it's time for bed...
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