Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson


My home network (in Seattle) is changing IPs for the fourth time in the last year. Ugh. Actually, the IPs changed today; I'm just now in the trailing end of the aftermath. Surprisingly, everything worked very smoothly in the change over (it should -- I've done this enough times). Last night I changed most of the configuration files over; all that would be needed was some server restarts. I was at work when it all happened, so I ssh'd to my Mountain View computer, dialed in to my Tukwila computer, dropped the Internet link and brought it back up, restarted a bunch of servers, and voila. The only problem in all this was that my upstream provider didn't change the IP address they listened to for authoritative zone transfers of my network. So, everything changed, but their name server wouldn't listen to my machine when broadcasting my site's new IP address. (Their name server is configured as a slave, even though it's the primary DNS for the domain.) So I have to wait for their 2am DNS configuration push. *sigh* Oh, well. With luck, it'll all work by morning. Else, well, I'll just figure it'll work.
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