Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

The fun never stops for Corey

I spent a very long day at work Thursday. I rolled in around 10:30 and left at 3:30am. I got some work done during "normal" hours, played a two-player version of Puerto Rico, and then got into a groove after dinner time. So I just jammed code for several hours and built a cute little prototype for an idea someone had. It's pretty neat.

While working Thursday evening I finally decided that 9 virtual desktops wasn't enough -- I needed more space. So I upped it to 16. It felt so ... weird. Sort of like, if I'd moved in to someone else's much bigger office, because that person wasn't around for a few days. I feel like it's just not morally right to have more than 9 virtual desktops. Do I really need that much space? Well, sort of, although some desktops have only one window and haven't been used for several days. But, they state in that window is important! Anyway, I'm now using a 4x4 virtual desktop grid. Welcome to my brave new world.

I pulled out of work at about 3:30am Friday; it was raining lightly. I set out on my bike and was near the end of the parking lot, just bearing into a right turn. Instead of turning, though, my wheels slipped completely out from beneath me and I landed hard on my right side. Ouch!! I remember seeing a bright flash of light as I did this, and I still don't know what that was. I pulled myself up, but didn't come off quite as unscathed as I did a few weeks ago when I spilled on the light rail tracks. This time, I bruised my shoulder and right leg just beneath my hip. My helmet and glasses hit the pavement and my glasses made a few cuts around my right eye (nothing serious, although it looks like I tangled with someone I shouldn't have). The impact also bent one of my glasses arms way out of position so my specs wouldn't fit on both ears at once. Ooog. I picked up my bike -- the rear wheel wouldn't turn. I carried it back to work where I found my cubemate still at his terminal. He gave me a ride home, which would very good. At home, I iced my sores and that helped a lot. I bent my glasess back into shape (surprisingly successfully) and checked out my bike. The luggage rack had slipped and blocked the rear wheel, so I pulled it back. Otherwise, it was fine. Me, I was just sore. I finally hit the pillow shortly after 4.

Today, I did very little work. That was okay with me, considering I binged yesterday. I got to work at noon, just in time for breakfast (I'm now a very big fan of granola). A tech talk around 1, and then lunch at 2. Mmm, fried chicken and buttermilk gravy. Sooo greasy.... mmmm.... Finally back to my desk around 2:45, and helped someone debug a problem in a server. 4:30, time to head to TGIF. Snacks, dinner, games, and some pool. Time to head home. The story of my work: binge and famine. 8)

Okay, now, if all's set, I'll have a car tomorrow. I don't have much planned, except for several errands and other running around. Costco, the hardware store, a few electronics stores, etc. It's supposed to rain this weekend, so it's a good weekend to not be on a bike. Plus, getting the car for the two days should end up to be only $50, so it'll be a worthwhile treat.

But, for now, I think it's time to check my maps of where I'm going tomorrow, and then head to bed. *yawn*
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