Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson


This weekend I bought Bachelor Chow: 10 pounds of frosted mini-wheats; 24 ham-n-cheese microwaveable synthetic food substitute; milk; orange juice; pasta noodles; and pasta sauce.

I also bought some "oddities": flour, vanilla and peppermint extracts, and mint chocolate chips (green). It's St. Patrick's day tomorrow so I made peppermint cookies with green mint chips. They're very tasty. Don't you all wish you lived near me and could try one? ;)

At Albertson's (the only place I could find green choc. chips) a mid-20s Asian gal was buying her Bachelorette Chow: Yoplait yogurt, Nilla wafers, oranges, granola bars, ice cream, and a few things I can't remember anymore (but very Bachelorette). Oh, and everything she bought was on sale at Albertson's. I thought it was very cute.

Dinner this evening was pasta (pasta and sauce purchased previously, not today). It turned out okay, but I'm no longer a fan of cream-based in-the-can pasta sauces. It was just way too rich. Tasty, but rich.

Oh, I also bought 30 cans of Mt. Dew at Costco this weekend. Add that to the Bachelor Chow list.

Alright, time to clean my apartment some. Someone may be staying at my place Monday night for a one-day visit to the Bay Area. Dunno for sure yet. He was looking for a couch to crash on and someone to pick him up from the nearest lightrail station. I can offer one of those things but the pick-up part is difficult to do on a bike. Even when I don't worry about tipping over. So, we'll see if that changes his plans at all.
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