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I made cookies today. They didn't turn out great. I mean, it's hard to make a bad cookie -- chocolate chips in a flour suspension is almost always good. But my mix was too dry: I mixed up the wet bits (butter, apple sauce, egg, sugar), then added flour, then finally added chocolate chips. But, the flour and wet all bonded together before the choc. chips could do any bonding, so they didn't get embedded (heh) very well into the cookies. A better approach would have been to mix the chips into the wet stuff first, then add the flour. Live and learn.

I watched 20 minutes of the Travel channel - they were showing the Most Outrageous Bathrooms in the U.S. Number 10 was the talking toilets in San Francisco. I guess that's outrageous, but I think it's just mostly practical. It's pretty nifty how those units clean themselves. When you're all done, they actually fold the toilet bowl into the wall of the unit and give it a high-pressure wash. It also hoses down the floor of the unit. Wacky. I think I need to try my $0.25 at a use when I'm in the City next. Oh, and, the show also had this crazy bathroom where the wash basins had two-way mirrors and showed the "other side" of the bathroom. So you're washing your hands, look up, and you see someone from the men's/women's side. Funny. A neat trick with semi-reflective mirrors and lights. Of course, if I recall how these things work, if ever one side turned all the lights out, then they can see right to the other side easily. Heh. I think the bathrooms are layed out wisely "just in case".

I just finished writing a 6th DVD backing up all my data from the UW. I'm going to take a quick look to make sure it's safe, then erase the rest of it from my hard drive. It'll be handy to have that space back for other uses. Like making my machine's linux and windows personalities talk to each other.

I want a 200-disc CD changer. Sure, I can rip my CDs to MP3s and then use an audiotron or something. But, on the balance, I'm too lazy. And I want instant gratification: when I buy a disc I want to drop it into my collection right then and there. I don't want to futz with ripping and whatever. Maybe it's time to cruise eBay some more...
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