Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Evening fun

I rode a Segway HT today. Heh, that was fun. It comes with three keys, each a different color, that have different max speed limits for the device. You start with the black key, which doesn't go very fast, so you can practice and such without racing around. I only ever played with the thing on the black-key setting. It's pretty cool. Watching someone scoot around on the Segway has a very cyborg feel to it -- you see them glide past almost silently and without moving. If you see their profile, it looks like they have wheels where their feet belong. Wacky. Anyway, much fun.

My folks mailed me an N-64 with several games - fun! I'm going to play it at work tonight on the data projector, but only after I actually get some work done. I'm leading a discussion group on a paper tomorrow so I'm reading the paper tonight (some things never change...). Overall, I wasn't very productive today. I feel as though one day every 8 or 10 I get very little done. Not because of meetings and such -- I just don't have the drive to do much. Oh, well. I aim to make up for it on the other 7 or 9 days. 8)

Okay, back to reading the paper. Then, time for some Mario Kart...
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