Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Nothing exciting

Today was a beautiful day in the Bay Area -- sunny, blue skies, and temps in the upper 70s. I think the long-term forecast is: more of the same for the next 7 months. Heh.

I'm running in the Santa Cruz 10k tomorrow morning. A few folks from work are also running in it, and we're carpooling (meeting at my place). Handy that -- if I sleep in my other running mates will wake me up when they arrive.

RedHat's installation could be much better. For one, the kernel source RPM should include the .config file they used to build the kernel binary RPM. My RH7.3 stock kernel works okay but it's guesswork to set the right options to build a kernel of my own. Also, they should be more aggressive with hard drive parameters. I was getting only 1MB/s write speed on my ATA/100 drives -- WTH?! Turns out, RH plays it safe by: disabling DMA, masking all other IRQs when you do I/O, and something else that was overly conservative. Most any machine with an ATA/33 or better drive can easily get much better performance with these tweaks. I finally figured them out, and sped up disk I/0 about 40x. Yay, my system's actually fast again!

While I'm complaining about software... H&R Block's TaxCut software is pretty poor, I've finally decided. Esp. the state versions. Folks have reported finding bugs in TaxCut's code (adding losses to earned income, instead of subtracting, etc.). My current favorite: instead of capping my capital loss at the state maximum (as the state form says to do), it's letting me take everything I lost this year as a loss. Er, that's really not right. If you look at the form, even, you can tell: column E is supposed to be smaller (in magnitude) than column A, but TaxCut is filling it out differently. *sigh* Well, I did say trying TaxCut this year was an experiment. I guess I know how it turned out.

Oh - for the first time in about a week, I think I may actually get to bed before midnight. What a novelty! So, without further ado, goodnight.
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