Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Sunday morning

I ran the Santa Cruz 10k this morning. That was great! I had a pretty darn good time, too; much better than I thought I was running during the race. In the race, my first mile split was 7:45, and I thought I slowed down to be just over 8:00/mi later on. I was very suprised to see my final time: 45:42. Not only was I running much faster than 8:00/mi, but I ran at an about 7:16/mi pace the whole way. Including the first mile -- during the race I had forgotten that it took me about 35 seconds to cross the starting line. Heh. So, anyway, it was a blast. I ran it with a few other folks from work and we all had fun. Oh, I also apparently was the 28th person to finish (out of probably 600 or so).

Did you know that Right Said Fred did other songs besides I'm Too Sexy? Who'd have known. I'm listening to an RSF album presently. It's not bad. I'm Too Sexy is definitely the best track on the disc so far.

I'm heading out to Planet Granite for some climbing with friends this afternoon. I think I'll brave the Central Expressway on my bike today. It has wide shoulders, and all the other routes to PG are substantially longer and more convoluded. Heh, wish me luck.

Blue Sheild of CA sent me a newsletter this past week. All about body weight and such. My favorite excerpt: "If you are good at math, you can calculate your own BMI [body mass index] using this formula: Your body weight in kilograms divided by thesquare of your height in meters". What the heck? The square of your height? Why? Am I a cube or something? Wacky scientific nutritionists. [Corey does math] Oh, good - I'm not overweight. (It looks like, for my height, overweight starts at 173 pounds and obesity starts at 209 pounds.)

Okay, this has been fun. Time to inflate some tires and ready to ride on the expressway.
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