Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Getting your message across

A 14 year old kid in Hong Kong apparently put up a hoax news story on a web site saying that Hong Kong had been declared an "infected city" (whatever the heck that means). What I find profound is what happens next: the Hong Kong government sends a text message to 6 million mobile phones owned by the 6.8 million city residents, stating "Director of Health announced at 3pm today there is no plan to declare Hong Kong as an infected area."

The circumstances and message aren't what's intriguing -- it's that a body (the government) can send a message to each and every citizen in the region that he or she will immediately view. No need for emergency broadcast messages on local TV and radio stations. No need for Amber Alert signs on the highway. The Gov't can just contact everyone directly on their cell phones. Wild. I don't know if it's an exciting prospect for the future or yet another step towards 20 minutes into the future.

Okay, now, I really am going to sleep. 8)
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