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Some exciting days

Okay, not that exciting. Just enough to keep me busy and away from posting on LJ. Although I did get to read the other night.

Friday, three groups at work decided that I needed to do things for them. Mostly they're right, but did they have to decide to gang up on me all at once? And on Friday? That's my short day: in at 11:45, eat breakfast, read e-mail, go to a talk at 12:45, return for lunch at 2:00, back at desk at 2:40, work for 90 minutes, head to TGIF, return at 5:30 with dinner, play some board games or go to a movie, then go home. At least, that's the plan. Said three groups decided otherwise for me. Oh, and...

My grandparents dropped by for the weekend (a planned visit). They were at my apt. at 6pm so I had to scat from work by then. Dinner at a nice restaurant, then a coin show at the convention center for 5 hours on Saturday. I exchanged paper bills with numbers on them for metal coins with a lot less face value. Heh. They're some nice pieces. And I bought some postcards (I may have my recent cards up on my web site soon; but, don't hold your breath). Oh, here's a question for y'all: the cards have notes persons sent to each other way back when (usually around 1910 or so). Should I post the note? And the sender's name and the recipient's name and address? I'm planning to, because history intrigues me, and I can't imagine anyone will be upset that their great-great-aunt lost a recipe for marshmellow pudding and would like a new copy. But, hey, what're friends for if not for opinions on such things? 8)

Sunday, grandparents off to an antique show in Alameda then back down the Calif. coast somewhere. They may swing by in another week, on their way back to Washington. That's also when my parents will be in town. April is a busy month for me. Ran (well, pedalled) to work for a few hours and to finish the work that said three gangs on Friday asked me to do. Caught a serious configuration bug in a server I was pushing; underscores the need for thorough unit tests. And I came up with an idea that could be verrry cool should it work out. Which is a great way to head out for the day. Oh, and I improved my pool game by 40% by figuring out that I wasn't following through with any of my shots. It's all in the follow-through! I actually beat someone at 8-ball, and not because they blew it. 8)

Ah, an evening of quiet. I scanned all my new postcards earlier (16 of them) and am working on the page captions. I'll probably head to sleep "early" this evening - say, 11:30 - because my grandparents woke me up at dawn today and yesterday. I'm so happy that we pushed the clocks ahead an hour. It's light until nearly 8pm again! That means dinner outside in the evening, and even cycling home when it's not absolutely night outside. Ah, the wonder of N. California. 8)
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