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Tuesday evening

In reverse order of my day:

  • I'm tired. It's time for bed -- even at 11:40p!
  • My credit card transaction to someplace in Hungary didn't go through. Hrm. Guess I'll get to dial internationally tomorrow. ... Er, wait - I should call now, because tomrrow they'll be asleep. Hm. Guess it's time to dial internationally from my apartment.
  • I'm going to WWW2003, in Budapest! At least, that's the vector I'm on. I'll believe it more once I've actually paid for something, like registration or a hotel room or airplane tickets.
  • Dinner at work was quail, so I went home early and ate there. There's not much I won't eat at work, but quail and ostrich and asparagus are among those that I'd rather not consume. So I cleaned out the leftovers in my fridge.
  • I ran speedwork with a few co-workers this afternoon. They ran 400m intervals: run a lap, wait 90 seconds, run another, etc. Brutal. I "just" ran a mile. I was aiming for 6:15 or under. I clocked in at 5:59.3 I'm very happy. And a bit exhausted. But feel surprisingly good.
  • I don't like perl at all. I think it's so funny that perl hackers make fun of python's indentation requirements. That's nothing compared to the broken ideas that have been cobbled together to form perl. You call a function(with, arguments) but that function teases its arguments off the stack explicitly with this shift thing? And functions magically look in $_ for their argument if not otherwise given? And an assignment from an array differs if you also do something that makes it "look like" an integer? Yeesh! I'll take strange indentation any day!
  • I rolled in to work late in the morning - about 11:30. Tomorrow, I'm aiming to roll in around 9:00 or 9:30.
  • I have a special super power! The power to sleep even when the morning sun shines straight on my face from the window. Not many people have this power, and I feel for those who cannot sleep after dawn. I guess it must be people like them who coin phrases like "early to bed and early to rise" and something about an early bird and an unfortunate worm.

Guess that's my day. Until the next one...
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