Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Been busy

I've been busy lately, but I think it's time to write a journal entry. Things I've encountered in this last week, in no particular order...

I bought two new controllers for the N-64 my parents gave me. I bought them from Nintendo directly. The bill came to such-and-such dollars and 52 cents. On the invoice they billed me only blah.50; the other $0.02 is listed as "customer goodwill." Er, wacky. But, okay.

I bought a watch online. $15 for a timex ironman triathlon. Normally a watch closer to $30. It arrived a few days ago and I just set the time this evening. Nift. I can now time myself on all those runs I go. (I had to borrow someone's watch for my timed mile last week, and that was the tipping point on my Buy Watch issue.)

My digital camera (Minolta DiMAGE 5) has a built-in flash that doesn't work anymore. It's out of warranty but a nice camera, so I'm sending it to Minolta for repair. The N-64 controllers (above) came today and I reused the box to pack my camera. I feel vindicated that my hording of all the packing material I've collected in the last 6 months paid off -- the camera could probably be dropped from a third story window and survive. "Hey, maybe even the flash would then work." I'm going to ship the camera tomorrow and hope it gets back in time for my trip next month.

I planned to head home early this evening (10:00pm) but someone at work side-tracked me. "Hey, Corey - do you want to play a board game?" Nearly three hours later I took a close second place in Funkenschlag. Three hours well spent, although I sort of wish I spent some of them sleeping (which was the original plan).

I "own" a piece of infrastructure at work now and it makes me happy. Yes, I have a Ph.D. in machine learning and artificial intelligence, but I secretly desire to be a systems hacker. Shhh... don't tell anyone.

I went shopping at HSC again this past weekend, when my parents were in town. They were impressed and my Dad was very jealous that I had such a great parts store so close by. We found a couple of organizers for a reasonable price. Reasonable if they were empty. But, the people at HSC said the parts in them were included. Wow! It was an absolute steal. I have 100 different sized capacitors, from picofarads up to hundreds of millifarads. And I have a tech's organizer for building "BAT modules" at someplace called "TVI". I don't know what these are, but they look like oscillators with opto-isolators built into a small can. The organizer has a bunch of neat parts including hundreds of surface mount bits. Lots of great bits to experiment with, and well worth the money.

I didn't have breakfast at home Tuesday or Wednesday morning. I just went in to work and ate there. I was running late, it was almost lunch so I didn't want a usual breakfast anyway, etc. This is one problem with waking up at 10 in the morning. How did all my friends in grad school do it everyday? Heh.

I hope I get my digital camera back in time for my trip next month. If not I can borrow my parents digital camera, which has a better imager than my DiMAGE 5 (4 megapixels vs. 3.3), but it doesn't have all the other controls and such that my digicam has. Another backup plan is to take an SLR, but shooting film and scanning it seems so ... 20th century. 8)

Okay, I think it's time to head toward bed. I detect another wake-at-10:00 morning coming along. *yawn*
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