Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Good Easter morning

It's after midnight, but I haven't seen any bunnies yet. Good Easter morning, nonetheless.

Saturday I did precious little. I cleaned out my closet, ridding it of oh so many empty Amazon boxes. Have I really mail-ordered that much stuff? I found space in my bookcase for a bunch of books my folks brought down last weekend, and I packed my board games in tighter and closer to eye level. I watched some TV and am wrapping up surfing for datasheets for my electronics kit (I bought a bunch of things last weekend and am now trying to figure them out). I seem to have a lifetime supply of IR photodiodes and a fair number of surface mount bits (the latter of which are sometimes indistinguishable from bread crumbs; I shouldn't do electronics work around dinnertime). Photodiodes are weird.

I have no plans for Easter Sunday, so I'll probably do more of the same. I need to plan a trip for next month, and reply to some e-mail. I also want to get a quickcam working under linux for a project at work. Those all should keep me busy, I think.

And, I'm tired enough as it is, so it's time to head to bed. 'night.
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