Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Sunday sunday

I hade a dream last night but forgot what it was about. I remembered some of the details. At some point I was running to catch a bus (the #72, in Seattle's U district) but it pulled away just as I got there. I was carrying a duffel bag. I caught the next bus but didn't look at the number until I was on at it pulled away. It was a 372, which went across Lake Washington [yes, when awake, I know that the 372 runs to the north end, not across the lake.] I seemed to think that I couldn't get off until on the east side. At some other point in the dream, I was talking with one of my friends and had to leave her somewhat abruptly, which was confusing at the time. I meant to say "good-bye X" but said "goodbye Y" instead, which was embarrasing. Now awake, I find that sort of funny and sort of worrisome, because I've thought several times that I'm going to call X "Y" and be embarrased the same way.

Anyway, enough with my subconcious mind. In the real world, I once again didn't do much today. I played with IR detectors and transistors and learned more about photodiodes. Weird things. I installed a quickcam on my computer. The linux drivers are really lame compared to the WinXP drivers. In XP I get 20+ frames per second. In linux I get about 4 fps. I don't feel like spending effort to improve the linux drivers, so I'll probably just use it under windows (I have a Secret Plan for this camera, and I can use either Windows or Linux, I think).

I'm a bit ashamed to admit it, but I'm finding myself less and less put off by working in Windows. I have ical running now, and have a drive set up to share files between Windows and linux on the same machine (both OSs can access the same drive). I use my machine mostly for e-mail, web, and web publishing, and each OS can do those things about as well as the other. If it's just e-mail and Web, I'm a bit happier with Windows. And esp. if I want to scan postcards or something, my scanner works great in XP. Why bother setting it up on linux, if it'll work only 80% as well and cause me days' of grief? Anyway, to the end of using the right tool for the job, I'm less put off by using windows these days.

I had a big dinner at an Indian buffet on Castro street. Yum. I and a friend were the only two customers for about 20 minutes, than a couple showed up. Around 9:15 or so the management locked the doors and turned off the Open sign. "Are you finished with the buffet?" is a question I'm not used to hearing at a restaurant. I guess plenty of people really did stay in on Easter. Me, I still wanted a nice meal. It was a good one, though, and ended with mango sorbet. Mmmmm..... sorbet....

I have an e-mail to send for work, and then it's time to head to bed. Sleep before 1am - that would be novel!
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