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I chatted with spongiform this evening, moments before I read his journal. "I approve of his decision." Slowly, I try to bring all my friends to join me at work. Heh.

I just bought some batteries online. Expensive, and I'll get only 12 AAs to show for it. But they'll be really nice AAs (NiMH 2000mAh batts, if you're curious). And a charger that will work on line voltage elsewhere on the planet; useful if my digicam gets back from the repair place in time for my trip.

I used the online chat help on the battery store's site. Very nicely done and very handy. "Roger" saved me $10 by finding a combination kit that was cheaper than the pieces I was buying separately. I'm impressed with how well that worked. I looked at this sort of thing in 2000 as part of a business-meets-computer science seminar (590IP, aka, 590 I.P.O.). I wasn't convinced then, but many of the rough edges have since been worked out. Nice.

I'm going on a field trip tomorrow morning! I work in an office building but the machines that do all the real work in my company are elsewhere. I'm going to go visit them, with some of the other relative new hires. But, it's at 9am. Wow, I'd forgotten that there's a 9 in the morning. I'm heading to bed very soon, now.

I had the best salmon for dinner this evening. Pacific wild salmon. And lots of good salads, too. Shrimp caesar, smoked chiken and spinach, and a thai noodle salad from lunch. I'd be happy to have that dinner again sometime in the near future. Mmm...

Yesterday I got a box my folks sent me: Diddy Kong racing. Today I got a padded envelope from an auction I'd forgotten I won: Bust-a-move. Both for the N64. I think I may need to stay late at work tomorrow (where my console is) and, er, ensure that the data projector in the conference room is working properly.

Okay, that's good for me for now. Time to head to bed.
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