Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Is it Friday already?

I broke something at work on Tuesday. I pushed a new server but it didn't react well to live traffic. Oops. One call at 8:30am later and we reverted. Then, a half-morning of apologizing to sys admins for pushing a bad server. D'oh! Fortunately, Wednesday and Thursday had been allocated to bug fixing, and now I had the perfect bug to fix.

Tomorrow (er, Friday) is an off-site, which is, near as I can tell, an synonym for party. I don't know why they just don't call it that. Maybe it doesn't sound mature enough for a real business to have a "party". Whatever. I have some bowling in store for me.

I'm still undecided about my trip next month. Er, undecided in the sense that I don't know where exactly I'm going. I'm going to Budapest, that's for sure; I'm going to a conference there. I just don't know if I want to (a) visit other cities in Hungary; (b) visit Vienna, Austria; or (c) spend all my extra time in Budapest and thoroughly "do" the city. Thoughts, anyone? I'm going to have about 4.5 days available for whatever. Is it much of a hassle crossing country borders in E. Europe? Hungary isn't part of the EU (yet).

Why is it that eBay brings their entire site down for 2 hours each week? And, just at the time when I want to use it! (1-3am PDT Friday mornings) Whatever they're doing, can't they do it with live traffic? Does't being offline 1.2% of the time cost them real money? Wacky.

Anyway, it's, time for bed. I know this because I'm just staring blankly at the bookcase in my apartment. 'night.
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