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My Sunday

Today, I decided that, were I a dog, I'd be a Leonberger. Quoting excerpts from the Web:

Characteristics and Temperament: They are warm, big, soft, if necessary protective, companions, perfect for nestling into or clutching if you are a toddler.
Leonbergers are sometimes affectionately referred to as "lean-on-bergers" because of their tendency to lean against their loved ones.

Leonberger Care Requirements: [...] As puppies they require excellent training and consistent, frequent socialization activities. As adults they require frequent and consistent exercise.

Training: Leonbergers are not natural obedience and agility zealots; however, they are so loyal and conforming to their family's culture and expectations that they tend to participate in obedience exercises in order to please. Because they are so calm and stable, they perform well even when their handlers are stressed. [...] Leonbergerss are known in obedience classes for their casual approach to sitting. The sitting part is not a problem, but sitting up straight is not a priority for a dog that prefers to be laid back and relaxed. Retrieving is also not a favorite activity. Chasing a ball, a toy, or a stick is great fun, but bringing it back is such a bother!

So, along the "consistent exercise" route, I decided to put a couple of miles on my bike (sometimes, it's actually too convenient to live 1.6 miles from work). I managed to add 11 miles to my odometer (which, BTW, rolled past the 1000 mark on Thursday evening). Just a little look around the edge of Mountain View. I also had my first bee-in-mouth biking excitement today. A saw something black and fuzzy come toward me, only about 100ms before it was in my mouth. Instinctively I rid myself of it, and seem to have faired okay (no telling what might have happened to the poor bee). But, we were both startled, that's to be sure. Heh, "be" sure. Heh. It was really annoying, though, because I had a good head of steam up when this happened. When I started going again, you can be sure I kept my mouth shut for some time.

I think I'll call the evening early, and try to get to work early tomorrow (as opposed to my seemingly now-usual 11:30). It'd be nice to knock off a to-do item or three for a change. Before more to-dos get added.
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