Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

It's still Wednesday

Granulated sugar isn't an adequate substitute for brown sugar. Especially in chocolate chip cookies. Even some sorghum would have helped. Oh, well.

I head to Seattle for the weekend tomorrow afternoon. From when I leave work to when I arrive in Seattle I'll be travelling an average of 150mph. Even with the bother of going through an airport, it's faster to fly than to drive.

I was very busy at work today. Everyone wanted to talk to me. And not because I broke something important, either! 8) It usually figures that I'm busiest on the weekends I'm out of town.

I realized, this evening, that I'd been employing a [oh - cookies - in the oven!] [okay, back] Secret Weapon, as it were, to keep up with work. I would say Yes to most requests made of me at work (because most were reasonable), and then just use my evening hours to make sure everything gets done. This Secret Weapon works okay in general -- I can squeeze a few more hours of work into each day. But, if I need to head out for the weekend (such as this weekend), it all falls apart, and everyone sees that I'd been using a Secret Weapon to get work done. What's the long and short of it all? Mostly that I have to start saying No to people even though it looks like I should get work done. Because, as far as most people know, I'd been finding time during the usual day to get it all finished. They don't see my Secret Weapon taken away, so they wonder why I'm not keeping up.

Of course, I paint most people as way more concerned about me as they really are. Dollars to donuts, most people probably just thought I was in an irritible mood today and that's why I couldn't balance everything. Well, I was in an irritable mood, but for other reasons. Perhaps for another LJ entry.
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