Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Back from the weekend

Back from a visit with the family in Seattle. It was a nice trip. I didn't get to upgrade to first class in either direction, because all the seats were gone by the time I could call in for the upgrade. Oh, well. Flying in coach isn't all that bad on the short trip, anyway - each way was less than 2 hours.

I got to work at 9:15 this morning, earlier than usual (because I flew in this morning and was already awake). I worked all day but the only thing I could point to as an accomplishment was a little script I wrote in the hour before dinner. But I felt good about the work today nonetheless. I did two code reviews for sizeable changes, and iterated on them a few times. I was being really critical, because, well, if I'm not, no one will, and the corners get cut. "Being critical is what code reviews are for!" So I was second-party to a whole bunch of work for the day, and first-party to only a little.

Lunch was themed for Cinco de Mayo. Mmmmm..... pork burritos and live music (not a mariachi band, thank goodness). And eating outside, in the warm sun. Gotta love the Bay Area.

My cab driver this morning from the airport wrote me a receipt. His hand writing was perfect. Turns out, he used to be a draftsmen. I could see why. Dunno why he's driving a cab now. I also found out that three flights land at SJC around the same time: one each from SEA, PDX, and LAX. Passengers on the third flight sometimes have to wait for cabs to return because there aren't enough for everyone. I'm glad my flight was early today.

I think tonight will be an early evening for me. I did, after all, wake up at 4:15am to catch a flight. Maybe I'll even aim for an early schedule for the entire week - that would be exciting!
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