Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

What do you mean "it just spins"?

I'm paranoid that I'll forget my keys inside, so I always have locked only the deadbolt on my apartment -- gotta lock it with the key, from outside. I got home this evening (with my parents, whom I had entrusted my keys to earlier today), and, no, the keys were not locked inside. But, instead of opening the deadbolt, the door key just spun the lock tumbler loosely in the casing. Er, oops.

Have I mentioned that my apertment building is built of stone brick? And the quality I like most in my apartment door is the fact that it's 1 1/2" thick of solid wood, with a deep deadbolt? How exactly am I going to get in? Well, fortunately, I left some key windows open, and the other key on my keyring lets me in to where there was a ladder. My Dad insisted on having the fun of the unconventional entry, and I was simply relieved that the deadbolt did open from the inside.

So, I now have a nonfunctional deadbolt, but at least the normal doorlock seems to work. The deadbolt failed because the whole internal mechanism hinges on a thin piece and it, of course, broke. Sort of lame that a stout lock has such a weakness. Oh, well. Anyway, I need to talk to the landlady about getting this fixed. I'd do it myself (hardware store's just a few blocks away), but I think she may frown upon me changing the locks on my apartment door. 8) Until then, I guess I'll just have to remember my keys myself, and not rely on my safety net.

In other news, I bought a couch this evening. A comfy one suitable for lounging, curling up on, and napping in. It's actually a sleeper, so it'll fold out into a real queen-sized bed. With my parents in town until Sunday, I'll get to try this feature out Saturday night. 8) I'm sure it'll be great -- and then, if anyone wants to visit me (you people know who you are - hint hint), I'll have someplace softer than the floor for them to stay. 8)

Okay, well past bed time, and I've got to work tomorrow. I shall dream of billions and billions of web pages...
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