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Tuesday, briefly

I have an early morning Wednesday so I need to get to sleep. So this entry will be brief. Really. 8)

I had goat for dinner this evening. It was surprisingly good (surprising, because my a priori expectation was ew!). It tasted sort of like beef.

I'm planning to use my "backup" credit card while on my trip to Hungary. I figure, if it gets stolen or someone swipes the number, no big deal in cancelling it. I have all my autopayments on my other card. I'm particularly proud, though, that I thought to call the credit card company and forewarn them that, after having not used the card for 6 months, that it really will be okay that it sparks to life, in Budapest, to less. In that call I also learned that, if I need money from an ATM, I shouldn't get it from that credit card. Speaking of which... [wanders off to ensure that his checking account has enough money for the trip]

Okay, that's all for tonight. I'm surprisingly sleepy...
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