Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

A warm Tuesday night

Today was a warm day in Mountain View. It hit the low 80s. It's still 72F outside even at 9pm. Too bad the office is air conditioned. How can I wear shorts on an 80 degree day when the office is the same temp. as it is on 60 degree days?

I'm awfully sleepy. I'm gonna finish my load of laundry (oo! - time to move it to the dryer) and then go to bed. I was up at dawn this morning. It's a great feeling to be up and have the full morning to be productive. But then I need to crash by 10:30.

I spent 2 or 3 hours today trying to figure out why my vector of results was being un-permuted as they're tossed about inside my server. A bug crept in through someone else's code and this is how it's rearing its head. It's some of the more byzantine code we have, though. Ugh.

I'll begin working on a new piece of infrastructure in about 2 weeks time. When I left for Budapest I thought I'd return to work with group X. But, apparently while I was gone, groups X, Y, and Z all fought over who'd get me after my current tasks wind down. Group X got the bad news today and they're a bit frustrated. Me, I'd have been happy with any of the groups (and, in fact, probably happier with group Y, whom I'll be working with). But, we just need more engineers. We can't hire great people fast enough.

I deleted 726 e-mail messages today. That was fun. If only I could do that each day for the rest of the week. Then my inbox would finally be empty.

I baked my best batch of cookies yesterday. There's always some variance in the final product, but these seemed to have turned out on the very good side. I may make more later this week (they were all eaten at Games on Monday). Depends if I feel like producing even more heat in my already-warm apartment.

Okay, time to move some laundry. Then to bed.
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