Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Hot hot hot

I put my devil's ivy outside on the balcony today. From when it was in my office at the UW I figured it wouldn't mind hot temperatures. It's been in the 80s lately in Mountain View. I checked on it in the afternoon to find that, wherever the ivy vines had been touching the railing on the balcony, they were blackened and withered. The leaves "downstream" of these points were limp. Ack - I've burned my plant! I moved it inside, but too late for these vine endings. *sigh* I trimmed the plant back to just at the end of the burnt points, and put the ends in water. Maybe they'll root and I'll have more plants.

When I checked the thermometer this evening, that was in the sun on the deck of the balcony, it read 114°. No wonder the plant burned up. Good thing I didn't walk out there barefoot.
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