Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Exporting high tech ICs

I'm having a very odd conversation by e-mail with someone in Venezuela. You see, I've done some work with a speech recognition chip, the HM2007, and the person wants to buy a couple of these ICs. Only, he(?) can't get US dollars to pay the supplier with. So, he'd like me to act as intermediary. I actually have no problem with this; it'll be fun. It's just very, well, I never thought I'd be a high tech exporter anytime soon. Heh. Oh, and the other funny thing: the Venezuelan has been writing in Spanish, which I can sort of read, but not write well, so I've been replying in English. So far, with the help of Babelfish and a recalling Spanish verb conjugation rules, we've been doing pretty well. But, how very odd.
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