Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Work schedule

Normal work hours aren't very fun at all.

From about February through May, I worked a late day: arrive around 11am, work until around 11pm (or 1am, if I was really grinding away), and then wake up late. This worked pretty well, although I got tired of having no time of my own.

The week after I returned from Hungary I was on an early schedule: up at dawn and at work by 8:00 or 8:30am. Work through the day and gone by 9pm. This worked well, as I got lots of work done in the morning and felt very fresh and ready to go. But, by evening, I just wanted to head to bed.

This week, I've split the middle. I've rolled out of bed and to work by around 9:30, and back from work by 9:30. I don't get the fresh feeling of in early in the morning, nor do I get the perqs of sticking around late at night (earlier this week my boss was offloading laptops that he didn't want in his office anymore).

My conclusion: a mix of early days and late days. None of this middle stuff. Early days earlier in the week, a long evening at home half way through, then late days for the rest of the week. Yeah, that should be good. I'll give that a try next week to see how it goes. I'm sure you all are waiting with bated breath. 8)
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