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Cycling fun this weekend

Today I went on a 45-mile ride around the south Bay and the foothills. The Bay Area has a secret it hides from the world: it's not actually all sausage urban paved earth -- there's lots of very green and happy hills and fields around here, and surprisingly close (less than 5 miles by bike from my place). It reminds me of Seattle's secret it hinds from the world.

Anyway, my ride today was fun. It was a trainer ride for a ride this coming Thursday, when I'm heading to a company-sponsored event o' fun at the ocean. I think I can survive the ride on Thursday, given that I survived today. 8)

I covered up in SPF 48 and was very glad I did. I still tanned up 3 shades darker today (see the backs of my hands where my bike gloves don't cover up all the way). It was great weather to ride, though -- low 70s and clear. The big hazard of the ride was blowing through a swarm of bees or yellow jackets. I didn't stick around to figure out which. One or two, no problem, but with hundreds, I wanted to put as much distance between me and them as possible.

Oh, the other hazard was that my bike brakes are almost gone. I have about 1/32" of brake pad left on each side, front and back. So we chose our course to avoid steep downhills. It didn't stop up from going up some steep uphills, though.

The City of San Mateo closes off a 4-mile stretch of a road (Ca~nada Road) to auto traffic each Sunday; it's called Bicycle Sunday. Very nice. Long, straight, and mostly flat. On a slight downhill, I pushed my bike to 34mph. Heh, fun.

Yesterday I went 16 miles. Since last August, my bike's seen 1200 miles. I guess that's how long a set of brakes lasts. 8)

I think I'm just going to sit on the couch for the rest of the evening. Oh, and replace my brake shoes.
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