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Fix one thing, noting another thing broken

My brake pads are nearly replaced. The one had worn down to expose the tip of a teeny little staple that held the pad on the frame. Hrm. I didn't see any scaring on the rim, which is good. I think I may have replaced in just in time.

But, my rear wheel needs to be replaced. The tread's worn out, which I knew. But, on closer inspection, I found three small cracks or tears in the tread. I don't think these are currently devistating, and I intend to take my Thursday 50-mile ride with them. But, I think it's time for another repair for my bike. *sigh* I may as well own a car for all this work. I think I can buy just one new tire, though, for the back. The front tire is just fine. ... Hey, come to think of it, I could just rotate the tires... Nah, too late for that. But a good idea for the future.
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