Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

It's a hot one

It's been much too hot in the Bay Area these last two days. I miss Seattle weather. Heh, almost.

It hit 100F yesterday and 93F today in Mountain View. Fortunately, I spent most of yesterday at the beach, or heading there. I cycled from my apartment, to work (1.5 miles away), then over to Santa Cruz for an off-site (party). 50 short miles, in 5 hours (including 40 minutes of non-riding breaks). The ride was surprisingly not impossible, but far from easy (at least for me). It was hot along the way, cresting 90F even at 1800' elevation and closing in on the coast. I greatly surprised myself by drinking and then sweating off 110 oz. of fluids. Way more than I'm used to, but perhaps I should set a new "used to" bar for cycling perspiration.

I had a good time on the beach, too. I played minigolf with my friends Dan and Doug. To my great surprise I won, and I golfed (putted, perhaps) about at par for the course (literally). But Dan took the cake, with hitting a hole-in-one and free game on the last hole. Pretty good shot, indeed!

Today was another warm one, but not as warm as Thursday, thankfully. My apartment is still 84F inside, but it's just 72F outside now, at midnight. When I got home at 6pm yesterday, my apartment was a uniform 91F -- the air, the floor, the furniture, my towels -- everything. Weird.

Tomorrow, I head up to the City for a scavenger hunt of sorts in Golden Gate Park. Should be fun. Let's just see if I can wake up in time to be ready to go. Thing starts at 9, my teammates show up here at 7:45, so I'm aiming to be up around 6:15. I guess I'll be up no later than 7:45, as that's when everyone else is getting here. Handy that my place is the rendezvous point.

Okay, I think it's time to get to bed. I don't think my apartment is going to get much cooler, and 6:15am is only getting closer. More, later.
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