Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

It's more work, and you won't get paid for it

Woo! On Wednesday I got mail from the chairs of a conference I regularly attend -- they'd like me to be a vice-chair, heading up one of the conference tracks. Nift! I'm excited for being asked, and I've accepted. But I'm more than a little daunted by what lies ahead: choosing a deputy, forming a track program committee, managing all the reviewers, attending the PC paper grading meeting, etc. etc. Oh, and the timetable, too: I'm supposed to have a deputy and the rest of the committee chosen in about two weeks. Yikes. No rest for the weary.

I sometimes wonder if I'd be happier not getting these sorts of extra responsibilities, and just plunking away at an easier job, with fewer worries or concerns. But, then I remember that with responsibilities also comes freedoms, and glory, and other secondary fun. And all those bits more than balance out the increase in stress that the extra responsibilties adds. Compensation comes in forms other than just money.
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