Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Pull 'em all out, give me dentures

I don't like my teeth. Sure, they're handy for chewing and eating, but they're a big pain. I have some weirdo condition that makes my gums recede. If I don't do anything about it (where "anything" really means "have a gum graft"), eventually most of my front lower teeth will fall out. And then won't that be fun. Sometimes I'd rather have the lot of them pulled out and just wear dentures. No more semi-annual dental appointments -- just drop my teeth in solution each night and have them clean by next morning. *sigh*

When eating tortilla chips this evening one piece turned vertially and stabbed me in my gums just behind my front lower teeth. Ow. Stupid teeth. Stupid gums.
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