Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Saturday in the City

I just got back from the City. I visited with a friend from grad school and a friend of hers from Stanford. We wandered about the botanical gardens in Golden Gate Park; took in a view of the Golden Gate Bridge from a beach in the Presido (Battery Chamberlin, if anyone really wants to know, or knows perhaps why I would know about that place); ate dinner on the sidewalk in North Beach; and watched the 10pm showing of Beach Blanket Babylon. Long day, but fun. The flowers were great, the beach was fun, and BBB was just ... well, it was fun, and more than a little odd. But, fun. 8)

Oh, and I also found the location of a postcard photo that I bought a few months ago. Turns out, the airfield and hangars and such in the photo were part of the Presido, and it's not too hard to get to them. Just follow the waterfront road around almost all the way to the Golden Gate bridge. I took a picture today; I'll have to see how it turns out.

Tomorrow, my friend from grad school and I head to a wedding of a mutual friend, up in Santa Rosa. I'm glad I talked my way into an extra 300 miles of free mileage for my rental; I'm up to around 150 miles already (my weekend limit now is 600). I have a Ford Escort. It's sort of a crummy car, but it has power steering, so it's not all bad. I would have rather had a Dodge Neon, because they're a bit cuter and peppier (the Escort doesn't respond as well to the make-car-go-fast-now command as I'd like, and it sounds like it's laboring as it's cruising at 75 or 80mph). But, oh well.
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