Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

My new indulgence

Mmm.... doughnuts.... Yesterday I saw that the corner doughnut shop (not Krispy Kreme) was still open as I cruised home at 1:30am. I stopped in and got a (still warm!) maple bar. Mmmm.... fried dough... I did the same tonight, but this time got a chocolate twist bar. Mmmm.... twist.... These are actually better that KK, I think; these are lighter and fluffier, although they also probably have more oil per bite. But, mmmm... Now there's something to look forward to as I head home at 2 in the morning.

Tuesday I was awoken by the sound of a jack hammer in the courtyard of my apartment complex. Seems they're getting rid of one of the paved walkways around the tiny little lawn. *shrug* It'll be nice to have more grass. But, did they have to start breaking up concrete at 8:15a?

Despite being really sleeping now and it being 2:45a, I need to stay up for a little longer: I'd forgotten that I have bills due. And they don't care how tired I may be just now. So, off to the checkbook for me. And to enjoy the doughnut high for a little while longer. Mmmm....
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