Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Nothing new in my world

Slow-starting day today - I didn't finish breakfast until 3p. An hour at work taking down Halloween decorations (yeah, I was surprised it took an hour, too). Watched some TV and a few 16mm films I bought on eBay (the latter was much better than the former). Paid some bills, filed a bunch of mail, surfed the web, and not a lot else. See, there really is nothing new in my world. 8)

It's raining outside now. It sounds nice! I'm not looking forward to cycling in to work in the rain, though. 8/ I need to figure out what hours it typically does and doesn't rain around here and plan my commute accordingly. In Seattle, f'ex, rain tends to taper off between 3a and 4a. The drops started to fall around here about 30 minutes ago. Hm.

We in California have another election this Tuesday. I really couldn't care less about the governing board of Foothill-De Anza community college. Why is that a ballot measure? El Camino Hospital wants $148M for seismic retrofits and for a bunch of expansion. Hm. Sounds like a lot of money; guess I'll need to read the pamphlet to figure out if they really need that many nickels. On the plus side, my employer made it very clear that it's a-okay to take off from work in the middle of the day to go vote. That's very handy.
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